The Golden Rules Of Wealth And Business Success Live Event
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Cutting Edge Financial Literacy, Business Development, Financial And Business Strategies Used By Some Of The Smartest Marketing Minds On The Planet! Learn The Tactics, Strategies, And Principles Used By Thousands Of Businesses And Entrepreneurs To Make Seven And Eight-Figures!
How To Apply Three Secrets That Can Make You Rich!
As you may have learned on the webinar, three secrets can make you rich!
  • Secret #1: "Learn The Master Key To Success In Life And Business. This Is The One Thing All Successful People Have In Common. Learn To Use This Key And Doors Of Opportunity Swing Open Wide Increasing Your Likelihood Of Success. Add This Key To Your Key Ring!"
  • Secret #2: "Learn How To Get More And More Access To The People Who Are Living The Lifestyle You Desire To Live. Learn How To Ethically Get These Same People To Share Their Secrets And Take You Under Their Wings!"
  • Secret #3: "Learn How To Find And Tap Into "The Power Of 1' (The One Decision, The One Strategic Partnership And One Big Idea) That Can Launch Your Business And Wealth Creation Into Orbit. 
Why Should You Come To This Live Event?
One of the most important keys to success is the proximity of intimacy to the person or people who have what you desire to have... The closer you get to the people who have what you desire, the easier it is for you to pick up on the things they believe, say and do that makes the biggest difference in what they have compared to most people!
Success Is An Inside Job
Congratulations! You are not like most people! Most people will complain about their current situation in life, but they refuse to do anything themselves to make it better.. They really believe that in order for their lives to get better, someone or something outside themselves, have the ability to make that happen. But the reality is that success is an inside job
How To Make Decisions And Make Those Decisions Work
Real decisions are the the master key to success! A real decision means to cut yourself off from every other possibility that the one you've decided on. When you learn to take ownership of the result you desire before you know that specifics of the path that you will take. Most people never make real decisions, hence most people never experience any real success. They live lives of quiet desperation.
Get Closer To The Spout Where The Secrets Pour Out...
You can read an article about someone and it will provide you with a limited understanding of why their experience of life is so much better than most people's. Then you can listen to a podcast and get more, buy a book and get more, get a home study course and get more, attend a live event and get more, hire them as a coach or mentor and get more and then eventually, you become friends and in some cases the student will actually become the teacher of his/her teacher. 
How The Cash Flow Millionaire Formula Works And How To Work It...
Have you ever actually sat down and figured out exactly what it takes to earn $1,000,000 per year? Have you ever really thought about how much that is per week or per month? Have you ever had a conversation with your spouse or children about it? Have you ever sat down with a pen and paper or a computer or even a calculator to see what it would take for you to earn seven figures. Well Dr. Myron Golden is going to share with you the exact formula that he uses and many of his students use to earn seven figures. 
How The Virtual Millionaire Formula Works And How To Work It...
This is the formula that Dr. Myron Golden teaches you so that you can really understand that the value of being a millionaire is not so you can buy a new $300,000 car or a new $1,000,000 house. You will learn why the most important thing you will ever buy with money is to buy back the rest of your life. Yes, that's right; time is the most valuable thing you ever buy with money! The Virtual Millionaire Formula will teach you how to live like a millionaire on your way to becoming one. 
How The Digital Millionaire Formula Works And How To Work It...
We have all heard about Bitcoin and digital currency, but do you really know what it is? If you are going to learn the truth about digital currency, wouldn't you want to learn from someone who has accumulated over 90 Bitcoins in 1 year and has helped other people understand and start to accumulate digital currency? 
How The Liquid Millionaire Formula Works And How To Work It...
It's one thing to become a virtual millionaire, it's another thing to become a cash flow millionaire who earns $1,000,000 per year. But it is a completely different story to accumulate $1,000,000 liquid. Dr. Myron Golden is going to show you his formula for accumulating over $1,000,000 by investing the money you currently have. 
What Are Golden Rules Of Wealth And Business?
The Golden Rules Of Wealth And Business Are A Combination Of The Tactics, Strategies, Principles, And Essence Of Every Aspect Of Business And Wealth Creation! The Golden Rules Are Used By Every Successful Business, Entrepreneur, And Influencer In Both The Online And Offline Business Spaces. These rules are both simple and powerful. They are simple to understand and easy to apply.  You deserve to use these powerful principles in your life and business!
How To Use Social Media Platforms, Search Engines And Video Marketing To Create The Fortune In The Digital Economy...

YouTube Marketing Secrets

You will learn how to harness the power of YouTube as both a search engine and as a social media platform! You will learn from some of the most brilliant and prolific marketers who have mastered YouTube and video marketing and promotion online. You will understand that if you are not using video online you have already lost the game!

Facebook Marketing Secrets

You are going to learn the secrets of marketing using Facebook and other social media platforms from an expert who has over 4 billion video views across all of his social channels. You will learn from a guy who has created viral video after viral video with some videos getting millions of views in just forty-eight hours. 

Instagram Marketing Secrets

You will learn how Instagram is different than Facebook and YouTube when it comes to social media marketing. You will learn the difference between building a brand on Instagram and creating "Reality Content". Some people ask "What is the difference between using Facebook, YouTube and Instagram? And How do I know which one I should use to market my product or my business?
How To Stop Wasting Time And Start Making Money...
You will learn many of the differences between how rich people think compared to how poor people think. But just to whet your appetite before you get to the event. One of the reasons rich people are rich and poor people are poor is because rich people value our time more than we value our money. And poor people value money more than they value time. So rich people will spend a fortune to save a little time. But poor people often waste a ton of time trying to save a little bit of money!
How You Can Stop Wasting Time On The Social Media And Start Using Facebook, YouTube And Instagram To Create A Massive Following...
Entrepreneurs, sophisticated business people and top brands are using social media as a tool for expansion and the average broke person out there is using these same platforms as a tool for entertainment! But you don't know what you don't know. You cannot lead where you will not go and you cannot teach what you do not know. Learn to use social media as a tool for expanding your influence, income and your life. 
How You Can Finally Get Paid What You're Worth And Stop Selling A Whole Lot Of Your Time For A Little Bit Of Someone Else's Money...
We've all heard it said that "Time Is Money". But the reality is, TIME IS NOT MONEY! In fact, time is infinitely more valuable than money! Think about it! Would you accept a $1,000,000 cashiers check to end your life today! There is no one in their right mind that would take that deal! But what if you were on your death bed and all you had was $1,000,000, would you spend your last million on a guaranteed cure? You probably said "Absolutely"! This is all the proof you need that TIME IS NOT MONEY! If you value time more than money at the end of your life, why wouldn't you value time over money your whole life?
Meet The Faculty Of Golden Rules Live Seminar...
Myron Golden, Ph.D.
Antony C. Golden
Alexandrea Breski
Dr. Stan Harris
Joshua Feuerstein
Sherry Peel Jackson
There Are Three Levels Of Tickets For Three Levels Of Attendees...
There is a ticket level for everyone who wants to attend. For those of you who want to network and connect with the faculty and other VIP attendees we have out "Gold" level tickets. For those of you who would like some advanced high level training before the event starts (you get some of that with every ticket level). You get some training with the "Bronze" level, You get more training at the "Silver" level. But you get the most advanced training and the most access via the "Gold" level ticket. 
When You Order A Ticket At The Higher Levels You Get More Access To More Training Both Before And During The Event!
General Admission Ticket

Free Copy Of From The Trash Man To The Cash Man

Learn the differences between the rich and the poor and how you can follow the practices of the rich. 

How To Dominate The Marketplace And Crush The Competition

How to make your customers ENJOY being sold as much as they enjoy buying! or owning!

Video "How To Overcome Procrastination Once And For All"

Learn The Secrets Science Of Overcoming Procrastination And How To Get More Done In Less Time
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Everything Included In The Bronze  Level 

In addition to getting everything named in the Bronze Ticket Level, You also get all of the bonuses named below!

More Heart Than Talent Masters

Learn from Dr. Myron Golden, Jim Rohn, Mark Victor Hansen, John Assaraf, Jerry Clark and Jeffrey Combs audio series. 

How The Law Of Attraction Really Works Video Series

Dr. Myron Golden answer the unanswered questions about the Law Of Attraction. What is the Law Of Attraction? Does it really work? How does it really work?
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Everything Included In The Bronze And Silver LevelLevel 

Get all of the bonuses from the other 2 levels. 

Mind Over Money Mastery Home Study Course

This is an $4600 worth of training included with your ticket purchase. You will be able to start learning today. You will learn to master 3 key areas that can make you wealthy. Mouth Mastery, Mind Mastery and Money Mastery.

Leadership Lunch And Networking With The Speakers

Enjoy a special 90 minute leadership lunch and networking with the speakers and other V.I.P.s. 
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